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Bastille Day and Christian Louboutin!

July 14, 2010

Image by Beivushtang. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Hello all!

Today is France’s independence day, also known as Bastille Day and in general, la fête nationale!

The queens are gagging!

This morning I woke up to French fighter jets circling the skies (viewable from my window) and a whole lot of rain, which has not let up.
But before I talk about Bastille Day celebrations, what’s with the pumps, girl?

Because there is no better way to celebrate than to put on your dancing shoes, and if there’s any party-people I miss in New York, it’s my ladies who happen to be gentlemen. These bitches die over a pair of insanely high and provocatively designed pumps. When I saw this Louboutin window display in a covered gallery street in Paris (I believe it was the Galerie Vivienne), I gagged and immediately heard their screams in the back of my mind.

More on Pumps and Bastille Day!

The French are a very creative bunch, and they are known for some of the best and most forward thinking design in the world. These shoes, which are probably the most excruciating footwear you’ll ever experience, are a challenge the only a truly strong woman can defeat, regardless of how tightly they have to cinch up their hosiery ;).

Ah, but Bastille Day. Since today is a day off, a lot of businesses were closed, especially since les bals started last night (for the Parisians, these mean a sort of

Borrowed from

outdoor festival in the town square, and, yes you tranny bitches, they had a ball last night — queens do love a ball). I went to a particularly gay-oriented one in outside of the beautiful local mayor’s office (la mairé) at le Place de Léon Blum, which is only a short walk from Bastille.

It was basically a dance party with lights and a great DJ. However, what I have learned is that the biggest ball is the Bal des Pompiers, or firemen’s ball. And, just because they are born in a fantastically fun-loving and open society, these delicious French firemen perform a celebrated striptease to celebrate French Independence.

I have only two words: Yes, please!

Okay, perhaps three words: Vive la France!

A bientôt,


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  1. Sara Dee permalink
    July 14, 2010 18:09

    Hahaha. Amazing. I love this post. Tu me manques.

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