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Betrand Delanoë is Trying to Evict Me!

July 7, 2010

A fun and unexplainable confluence of sinage that has nothing to do with this post.

Faithful readers, I don’t have a full posting for today but a very interesting article! Paris’ beloved mayor, Betrand Delanoë, doesn’t want me to be able to do vacation rentals.

C’mon, really? You think I’m driving up rental prices in Paris?


Since posting yesterday, I thought to expand a bit on this article. Although it was decently written, I don’t think it captures the extent to which short-term rentals are a part of Paris, just like any other major city. As the article points out, professors, researchers, and people who need to be in Paris but not for a whole year need and have the right to rent a decent apartment while they add to Paris economy and culture.

View from my short-term rental apartment

The whole idea of economic protection is fine, but in no way to vacation rentals affect the overall high price of rent in this town. It’s just like any other major city. To enforce this idiotic law would be a huge economic disincentive to the city, not to mention a detriment to seasoned tourists who prefer not to stay in hotels. Students doing half-years abroad in Paris would also find themselves homeless, and I would be forced to, well, I dunno what. The Dummies guide has listed, since 2006, several services that specialize in short-term rentals. I mean, how could this be illegal?

Not to continually hate on the French, but whenever I feel like having an argument with one, I just bring up laïcité and wearing the muslim headscarf in schools (I promise to link together these two different concepts). And directly after that, any normal French person will immediately bring up the “problem” of wearing a burka in public. This supposed problem barely manifests itself in the society, but they defer to it often and talk about how horrendous it is.

Whenever, I say, did I mention anything about burkas? The French person will then try to equate the two as having the same roots. While this may be true, they are not the same thing, in fact, the burka is a red herring for the real issue of religious tolerance. In any case, while rents may be high in Paris, and some people make a business out of renting their apartments without paying any taxes on it, blaming short-term rentals for high rents is totally non sequitor. Making it illegal to do so is a really unrealistic view of life.

Luckily for me, and for reality, it’s barely enforced. Just like how it was with all of those sodomy laws in Texas a few years ago! A big merci to lazy policemen!

A la prochaine,


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  1. anna permalink
    July 11, 2010 01:24

    Joseph! I am checking your blog every day and I haven’t seen daily updates……. are you having too much fun? love, a.

    • July 11, 2010 02:04

      Anna! I know, for shame! I have been absolutely terrible with the blog. My only excuse is the heat; after a long day of note taking, sitting in front of a hot computer is the last thing on my mind!

      However, in the upcoming days I have several posts planned. Thank you for your fidelity! bisous

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